Brian Anderson Doesn't Like His Chances

Sox centerfielder thinks he's fighting an uphill battle for starting spot.

As far as White Sox fans are concerned, the lack of movement made by the White Sox this season is probably a source of frustration.  The team went into the winter with the intent of adding a centerfielder, getting a lead-off man, and shoring up their pitching staff.   So far all they've done is trade away Javier Vazquez, replacing him with a project in Bartolo Colon, and they also traded Nick Swisher to the Yankees.   Really, the team has done nothing but shed payroll in anticipation of what could be a rough run for the American economy over the next few years.

If you're Brian Anderson, though, you would think you'd be pleased with what you've seen from your team.  After all, since they haven't brought in a new centerfielder to take your position, that means your chances to move from the bench to a starting job are that much better.   Anderson doesn't see it that way, however.  No, Brian is pretty sure he can hit 100 home runs this spring and he'll still be stuck in a platoon role and said as much in an article on the White Sox' official site.

"Going into Spring Training, we don't have a leadoff hitter and Jerry is considered to be a leadoff hitter. It's math, not magic. It's going to be tough for me, going in [to Spring Training] and knowing that if I play clearly above the rest, my only reward is a platoon situation. It's not something I want.

"My goal is to stick with the team, be loyal and help out in any way I can, but I know Kenny Williams and Ozzie understand.  That might mean I have to go to another team to start fresh. I wouldn't be mad about that.

"Nothing against guys who back up or spot start. If that's my role with the White Sox, I'm ready to do it again. But at 26 or 27, I'm just not ready to be a role player or come off the bench. Nobody is ready to do that at my age."

It's important to note that Brian has been in the doghouse of his manager Ozzie Guillen quite a bit because of his attitude, and these latest quotes probably aren't going to sit very well with his mercurial skipper.  Anderson also had some similar comments last offseason about his role, but he was a lot angrier then than he is this time around.   Still, he may have just sealed his own fate.

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