Big Hair, Cheap Drinks and Cover Bands

Winter Music Festival offers seven nights of entertainment

hairbangers_ball Fleury

The only better than seeing your favorite performer live, is seeing a cover band do a decent rendition.

Get your fill all this week at the "Winter Music Festival" at Uncle Fatty's Rum Resort (2833 N Sheffield Ave) and The Coach House.

The live music celebration features 18 cover bands, seven DJs and various contests in from January 25-31.

Some of the best cover bands in Chicago and the midwest will be represented, including 16 Candles, Mike & Joe, Hairbanger's Ball and Wedding Banned.

And don't forget about the drink specials. We suggest the $7 Colt 45 40oz-ers and $7 Boone's Farm chalices on Wednesday night when Too White Crew performs.

Bartenders from 10 city watering holes will compete in a cocktail competition Tuesday, which means free drink samples for everyone.

Cover charge each night is $5. Click here for the band schedule and more information.

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