Bacon Gets Its Day

Chicago fest to honor the meat we love to eat

For some, bacon goes beyond breakfast these days.  Bacon lip balm, baconnaise spread, bacon salt, bacon tuxedos and even books written solely on how to use bacon in every dish you make.  

Dedicated bacon lovers unite on online communities, forums and chats to discuss their insatiable devotion to bacon.  Some even bare their bacon tattoos to the world.

Now three adoring bacon fans, Seth Zurer, Andre Vonbaconvitch (uh, we think that's a fictitious name) and Michael Griggs are bringing their passion for bacon to all in Chicago in a festival deemed non-other than Baconfest.

Baconfest will feature all forms of bacon, from crispy baked to smoked and sweet to salty and should not be confused with less compelling fests like SPAMARAMA in Texas or the always popular "Humungus Fungus Fest" in Michigan.

According to their Web site the aim of Baconfest is to “strengthen the bonds of the human community, across religion, across race, across gender, across class.”

“We are part of the human fraternity – every shared experience brings us closer to our fellow man. We believe that eating together is the ultimate equalizer – when we break bread, we create bonds. When we break bacon, we make community,” they proclaim.

Zurer, Vonbaconvich and Griggs are all using their contacts in the Chicago food world to make this happen.

If you love bacon like they love bacon (not Kevin), mark October 25th on your calendar and head over to the Stan Mansion in Logan Square.

Pencil in some time around Christmas for the angioplasty.

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