6-Year-Old Requires Surgery After Being Kicked in Groin by Older Student at School, Mother Says

Chicago Public Schools sent a statement to NBC 5 regarding the incident.

The video of her son screaming in pain makes Lajuanna Caldwell cringe.

"It was too much blood to be an accident," she told NBC 5 Friday. "I want to know why the school has not contacted me."

Six-year-old Jessie attends Ashe Elementary. Caldwell says when school ended last Thursday she learned her son had been injured on the playground.

Lajuanna says he told her "a little boy kicked me."

Jessie says he told his teacher and the principal what happened and that he had pain in his groin area.

Lajuanna said Jessie was told he'd be OK.

But Jessie was not OK, she said.

"I'm seeing blood all over the toilet seat," she recalled. She said Jessie was bleeding when he tried to go to the bathroom.

Lajuanna says she called police and an ambulance.

"They examined him and said they saw the injuries look like (they were) intentional," she said.

Jessie was admitted and treated at Comer Children’s Hospital for a severe injury to his penis.

"They said my son will need surgery to have foreskin removed because he has a lot of lacerations," Lajuanna said.

She said her son was intentionally kicked by a fourth-grader and she’s not happy with the way the school handled the entire incident.

"That child knows he did the wrong thing and the parent and the teacher and principal trying to cover up the situation," Lajuanna said.

Chicago Public Schools sent a statement to NBC 5 regarding the incident.

"Last week, a student was accidentally injured while two students were playing on the playground," it reads. "This was an unfortunate accident, and the school is fully committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for the student."

Lajuanna says she doesn't think it was an accident.

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