App Review: Nike Running

Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices


This weekend I tested out the Nike Running app and was pleasantly surprised by how much information you can store on it about each run.

Check out my thoughts and let me know if you use this app and what you think!

Features: One of my favorite things that I discovered about this app after my run is that you can take a look at a GPS map of your route, color-coordinated based on speed throughout. It was a neat overview of what I did and helped me see where and when my weak spots were. And for those, you can add your favorite "Powersongs" that you can play when you need a little extra boost. You can also opt in for reminders to run as well as social media sharing to hear "real-time cheers" with each like you receive. 

Another great feature is the activity page, which keeps track of all of your runs. I liked it because you can compare every run in one place, but you can also take notes (and photos), add your mood, and more for each run. You can also track the distance you've run on each individual pair of shoes, which is helpful for me because I always just approximate when I've run my shoes in the ground, rather than retire them when I hit a certain number of miles. 

Ease of Use: This app is pretty self-explanatory. It's two clicks to start your run, and just a few settings you can program for better tracking (type of trail, etc). One thing to remember is that the default setting is to pause the app when you pause your music and vice versa. That annoyed me a bit but you can change that in the settings, so I would recommend toying with it a bit before your first run. 

Price: Free, but constantly asks you to log in to a Nike Plus account. I didn't do that, and at times I felt like I was missing out on something by not logging in. 

Overall: Some really great features like the color-coded map and the shoe tracking set this apart from other, simple apps, but keep in mind that Nike really wants you to join their community. So if this is your app of choice, set aside a little time to sign up for a Nike plus account to get the full experience. 

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