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There are numerous benefits to installing a sump pump in your home. From preventing a flooded basement to helping stop mold and mildew, a sump pump is the best line of defense in the event of stormy, wet weather.

Until it isn’t. That’s because all sump pumps fail. And we’re not talking about if they fail, but when they fail. So why do these lifelines just stop working one day? The three most common culprits are a loss of power, mechanical problems such as clogging, and a jammed float switch that won’t activate.

Which means as a homeowner you’re going to want a backup plan. Or, in other words, a battery-operated backup pump, which will be your protection in the event of a pump failure or power outage. Because it is a secondary pump that has a battery, your backup pump will function should your AC-powered pump fail. As soon as the water level in the sump basin rises, the float switch on your backup pump is triggered and the pump engages, it will pump water out of the sump basin. In addition to being your last line of defense during power outages, a battery-operated sump pump will also help when an exceptionally strong storm results in more water coming into the basement than your primary pump can handle. If this happens, the battery-operated pump and primary pump will work together.

For most homeowners, a sump pump is out of sight, out of mind. But you should never put blind faith into a single line of defense, especially one that is inevitably prone to malfunctioning. By investing in a secondary sump pump powered by a battery, you’ll be saving your home from flooding and the adverse effects that come with a damp basement or crawl space. Be sure to also check the batteries to ensure full functionality in the event of a major storm.

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