Steve Harvey Visits White House, Gets Ignored

Talk show host, President of the United States greet visitors to The White House

Steve Harvey, as the name behind a nationally-syndicated television show, normally gets a lot of attention when he walks into a room.

That apparently isn't the case when he walks into a room at the White House with President Barack Obama.

"I've never been ignored these many times, ever," Harvey said in jest, after visitor after visitor failed to acknowledge his presence and headed straight toward the president.

The meetings came about following Harvey's sit-down interview with Obama, which will be included in the Dec. 20 broadcast of The Steve Harvey Show.

"How about if you get some of these people with these ear pieces and pistols and find one of these tours, and me and you walk in and surprise the people on the tour?"

"Let's go do that," Obama agreed. "Let's go spread some Christmas cheer."


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