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Colbert Sounds Off on Vick



    Colbert Sounds Off on Vick
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    Stephen Colbert had some not-so-nice things to say about Philadelphia.

    Stephen Colbert -- Comedy Central’s funniest fake newsman -- offered his opinion about Michael Vick and the city of Philadelphia on his hit political comedy program The Colbert Report.

    When discussing the return of both Michael Vick and Brett Favre to the NFL on Thursday's show, Colbert said, “The big news is the return of two quarterbacks: one whose cruel and unforgivable behavior has destroyed his reputation, and Michael Vick.”

    A shot at Favre -- Philly is safe so far.

    Colbert then mentioned how football fans were “so thrilled” with the return of Favre and Vick that both of their jerseys are this season’s top sellers thus far.

    No Philly bashing yet, but don’t worry -- it didn’t take too long for Colbert to rip into Philly’s hostile reputation.

    “[Vick’s] exposure to the unspeakable violence of dog fighting and the inhuman conditions of prison have almost prepared him to play in Philadelphia,” joked Colbert.

    Ah, there it is -- and after we thought we got off easy. But then again, it could have been a lot worse.

    Check out the full video below:

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