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Actor Lio Tipton of ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love' Comes Out as Non-Binary

Tipton may be best known for portraying the teenage babysitter in Steve Carrell's 2011 romantic-comedy

lio tipton
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Actor Lio Tipton, who competed on "America's Next Top Model" and later played teenage babysitter Jessica in "Crazy, Stupid, Love," came out this week as non-binary.

Tipton reintroduced themself as Lio in an Instagram post, and will use the pronouns "they/them."

"I am proud to announce I am queer and I identify as non binary," Topton wrote in the Wednesday post, which included a photo showing a drawing of a gender neutral figure.

"I hope to give as much love and support back to those who continue to show love and support for the Pride community at large," Tipton continued in the post.

Tipton might be best known for their character in "Crazy, Stupid, Love," who has a crush on Steve Carell's character, Cal, but has also appeared in "The Big Bang Theory," the 2011 movie "The Green Hornet" and the comedy "Warm Bodies." 

The actor most recently appeared in several episodes of a 2019 television series "Why Women Kill."

Other stars have also identified as non-binary in recent months, including singer Demi Lovato and reality star Courtney Stodden.

Demi Lovato announced on Instagram that the 28-year-old star will identify as non-binary and use the pronouns they/them moving forward.

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