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Rahm's Opponents Weigh in on Supreme Court Decision



    Rahm's Opponents Weigh in on Supreme Court Decision

    Rahm Emanuel's major opponents in the race to be Chicago's next mayor were quick on the draw with their reactions to the Supreme Court's decision to keep the former White House Chief of Staff on the ballot.

    Gery Chico:

      "Emanuel's residency drama has made this election into a circus instead of a serious debate about the future of Chicago.

      "Now that the Supreme Court has made their decision, the residents will choose their next mayor based on the candidates' track records and their vision for Chicago. I remain the most qualified candidate to be the next mayor and take our city in a new direction.

      "With less than 30 days to go until Election Day, there is no time to waste. Game on."

    Miguel del Valle:

      "I am glad this question has finally been resolved. As I have said throughout my campaign, this has served as a real distraction that has kept people from focusing on the issues that are of concern to the neighborhoods of the city of Chicago -- our neighborhood schools, public safety, and fixing our budget deficit.

      "With only three weeks left before the election, I strongly encourage Emanuel to come out to the communities and to participate in forums, as I have been doing for months. I’ve been to 16 forums. He has been at none of those. I hope he’ll come out and respond to the questions of the voters.

      "Regardless of who is on the ballot, my campaign continues to focus on lifting up Chicago's neighborhoods and bringing people together."

    Carol Moseley Braun:

      "Now that the ballot is set, voters must make an important choice in three and a half weeks. We look forward to actually debating the issues with Mr. Emanuel, Mr. Chico and Mr. Del Valle. This legal battle has done nothing to make our schools work for our children, our streets safe for our seniors, or help the unemployed find a good paying job. These are the issues Chicago cares about, and we are confident that Carol's vision for the future will continue to reach every neighborhood and our momentum will continue through the final weeks."