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Former Defense Attorney: Blago's Better Off Without Me



    Former Defense Attorney: Blago's Better Off Without Me
    Attorney for former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Sam Adam Jr. talks to members of the media at the Federal Court building, Wednesday, July 21, 2010, in Chicago after his defense rested without calling any witnesses. Blagojevich is accused of scheming to sell or trade President Obama's old Senate seat for personal gain.

    The father-son duo of Sam Adam and Sam Adam Jr. won't be a part of Rod Blagojevich's next trial, and at least one of them said he believes that's a good thing.

    "My particular style was not well-appreciated in the particular forum," the younger Adam conceded Wednesday.

    In the first trial, Adam provided some of the most vivid courtroom moments, and his bombastic style frequently rankled the judge.

    Earlier this week, Judge James Zagel revealed that he's still steamed about some comments the defense attorney made last year.

    "I'm talking to the people of Illinois.  I'm talking, and they're going to say I'm talking to the next jury.  Yes, I'm talking to the next jury," he said at the time.

    On Wednesday, Adam Jr. tried to explain those remarks this way:

    "What I said was, 'Don't hold the conviction against Rod.  Blame me.'  Which means, 'Come in with an open mind.'  That's all I want a jury to do in this case."

    He said the public should know that Blagojevich's retrial will be very different than the one that played out last year. 

    But, he added, the message remains the same:

    "Put away the bravado.  Put away the circus of types, and get to the nuts and bolts.  And when you do that, I think the jury can see [Rod Blagojevich] may be a lot of things, but he is not corrupt," said Adam Jr.

    Asked if he wished he could be there, Adam Jr. said "certainly."

    "I know that Rod needs a different take, a different look, and he's got it.  And I predict 20-0.  That's what I predict; 20-0 not guilty."