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Let the Challenge Begin



    Let the Challenge Begin
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    Congratulations, Rahm Emanuel. You just became the mayor of Chicago. It's like you just got the keys to a car on fire.

    The Sun-Times has a lovely roundup of the million or so problems awaiting Emanuel when he takes office. We love this city -- after all, we live here.  But the city has issues. You can swing a cat and hit some major problem with our little metropolis.

    Somehow, our budget has gone to hell. That means the end of great traditions like the Outdoor Film Festival. And the longer we stay here, the more we pay for parking, for shopping, for everything.

    Does Emanuel have the stones to do something about these problems? 

    Whatever the solution, some or all of us are going to get squeezed. High taxes will shoot higher.  Services will be cut further. The population will continue to decline.

    This isn't the time for moderation. Chicago needs some big ideas to survive.

    The pressure's on Emanuel to come through. If he fails, Chicagoans may decide to get a big idea of their own -- a change of address.