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Lawmakers Punt on Pension Reform, Again

Nothing will be settled for at least 5 weeks.



     So much for fixing the pension system in Illinois. 

    Lawmakers met Thursday to iron out their differences on proposed pension plans but instead kicked the can down the road, yet again. 

    The AP reports that nothing will be settled for at least 5 weeks:  

    ... talks delved into school funding equality. Leaders say they'll take five weeks to study that before discussing pensions.

    Meanwhile the state's $85 billion in unfunded liability continues to grow.

    House and Senate Republican leaders say making districts pay retirement costs is separate from overall reforms. They'd rather first pass a reform plan that appears to have wide support, but they're willing to discuss it and want a school funding study.

    But Gov. Pat Quinn and House Speaker Michael Madigan want a comprehensive deal including schools.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.