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Joe Walsh Celebrates Court's Gun Law Decision



    Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh has a limited time remaining in his term. So what a treat that he is able to crow about a win for the gun rights advocates he championed during his time n the legislature.  

    Walsh released a statement following the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to overturn Illinois' ban on concealed carry weapons. 

    “This ruling is a victory for Illinois residents and will give them the constitutional right to defend themselves, as has been established in every other state in the country,” Walsh said. “Illinois has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and yet crime rates have soared, including a 49% jump in shootings in Chicago this past November. The right to possess and carry weapons is enshrined in our Constitution, and I am glad that this has been recognized by the Federal Courts.” 

    According to the release, Walsh has been on the front lines of the Second Amendment debate. In June, Walsh and three other Members of the Illinois delegation sent a letter to Governor Pat Quinn urging him to give residents their constitutional right to protect and defend themselves. 

    “I respect the right of gun ownership, and I will remain steadfast in protecting all Americans' Second Amendment right to bear arms.”