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GOP Chair Proposes "Occupy Madiganville"



    GOP Chair Proposes "Occupy Madiganville"
    Michael Madigan | Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives
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    Pat Brady, the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party thinks our state has bigger problems than rising economic inequality and Wall Street’s influence in politics. Being a Republican, Brady does not think these are problems at all.

    Brady is more concerned about a former Chicago precinct captain who is collecting three government paychecks and a city pension, and he thinks the Occupy Chicago protestors should feel the same way. He is suggesting they abandon their LaSalle Street encampment, and instead march on House Speaker Michael Madigan’s office at 6500 S. Pulaski St.

    Madigan is the political sponsor of Kenneth E. Pannaralla. The Chicago Sun-Times and the Better Government Association recently reported that Pannaralla takes in $213,418 from various government gigs. He has a $94,551 pension from the city of Chicago, he’s executive director of the Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program, and has part-time jobs as a property development manager in Bridgeview and a health commissioner in Alsip. Also, Madigan gave his daughter a legislative scholarship to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago.  

    “The 99% of Illinoisans that don’t get a double dip pension, a legislative scholarship, a county or city job, an interest-free loan from the government, or special treatment on their property tax appeals should be outraged,” said Brady. “‘Occupy Chicago’ should ‘Occupy' Madiganville. What’s a couple of bad years in the market compared to 40 years of getting it stuck to you by the Madigan Machine!”

    I’m not sure whether Brady is making fun of Madigan, or the Occupy Protestors. He seems to think they’re upset because their houses and 401Ks have lost value since 2008. They’re actually upset because they can’t afford houses and 401Ks.

    Somehow, I doubt the Occupiers will make their way from the Loop to Madigan’s office in West Lawn. The L doesn’t reach that far south, and they can’t afford cars, either.

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