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Dems Want Obama Voter Data, Prez Not Giving In



    Voters on Tuesday elected President Barack Obama to a second term without the vote in Florida being finalized. Mary Ann Ahern reports. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012)

    President Barack Obama's campaign headquarters in Chicago always did have a Fort Knox quality to it.

    The office seems ordinary enough, housed in the high-rise One Prudential Plaza across from Millennium Park, but it's clearly the president's digs with no unauthorized guests going in and little evidence of its workings coming out.

    Occupy protesters this summer didn't get past the lobby before being ushered out or arrested. Even the theft of three checks en route to vendors from the office in September was noted and publicized.

    Turns out Democrats are having problems getting in too.

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    The party apparently wants to get its hands on the campaign's database of about 16 million voters and donors, according to Politico. The info on these people, from how they vote to what they like to watch on TV, has been credited with giving Obama that something extra to win in November.

    Obama's people aren't giving in, at least not yet.

    Politico likens the protection of these names to security at the Pentagon, saying the campaign hasn't moved an inch in response to reported pressure from other Democratic campaigns.

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    When asked, the president's campaign officials, who remained unnamed, told the publication they're still considering what to do with the veritable political booty and the decision likely won't come until after Inauguration Day.

    Even then officials said the data could still be run by Obama aides, doled out as deemed appropriate, still maintaining the edge of secrecy instilled on the Prudential Building in Chicago's North Loop.