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Was Sandi Jackson's Chicken Giveaway a Bait-and-Switch?



    On Monday Alderman Sandi Jackson and her husband 2nd District Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr promised a "Jobs Rally and Chicken Giveaway".  

    The fliers circulated throughout the southside and with the location of the rally at the former USX site those in attendance thought perhaps there might be jobs available.
    On Wednesday, Alderman Jackson's opponent for Alderman of the 7th Ward, Darcel Beavers, says the rally was a bait and switch -- that Jackson was merely looking to get her nominating petitions for re-election signed at one large event, rather than have to work weeks to get the required signatures. 
    Those who attended the rally were asked first to sign Jackson's petitions, then they were given a bag with not one but two chickens inside.  

    "People were a little disappointed, they were insulted," Beavers said. "You baited us to come to the rally, we thought we were going to get jobs,  we want jobs but all we got was a chicken."   

    The media attended the Jackson event on Monday in the hopes of getting Cong. Jackson's comment on whether he would run for mayor. The event would have been Jackson's first major public appearance since the Blagojevich trial, but the congressman didn't show. Ald. Jackson said he was "sick."

    The next day, news of his alleged direct bribery scheme -- and apparent relationship with a blond model -- surfaced.

    Attempts to reach either the Congressman or Alderman Jackson have been unsuccessful.