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Dan Rutherford Gets A Haircut



    All politicians promise to be open with the public, but few have ever revealed their private lives as thoroughly as State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, who regularly tweets details of his daily routine at home in Chenoa. Unfortunately, Rutherford is single, middle aged and consumed with his career, so most of his personal tweets describe doing laundry, getting a haircut, jogging on his treadmill and what he ate for lunch. They describe a home life about as scintillating as that of Jon Arbuckle, the human protagonist of the comic strip “Garfield.” Here’s a month of the most banal moments in the world of an Illinois politician.  

    March 1: We had pizza. Mom like olive, I don't. I like green pepper, mom doesn't. We had all onion with half sausage, half bacon. Extra jog
    March 1: Home tonight & get laundry done before hitting the road tomorrow speaking a two Lincoln Day Dinners in eastern Illinois.
    March 2: Morning jog and started new movie. Lunch of egg casserole, fr freezer, I made few weeks ago & English muffin with peanut butter.
    March 10: Morning jog while watching part of a movie on the treadmill & laundry in. Chicken breast & cheese for lunch
    March 10: Home after haircut, a few hours at office & dinner at mom’s. She cooked a roast with lots of stock and then put dumplings on top. Goodeatin’
    March 17: Lunch of V8 and salad, sort of healthy after the #GOP dinner fried chicken circuit
    March 17: Spending afternoon at home getting paperwork ready for paying my taxes
    March 23: Stopped for quick Pad Thai dinner on way home fr last event tonight.
    March 25: Ate at Bernardi's in Washington. No jog this morning, didn't bring my snow boots.
    March 30: Jogged, still not warm enough for me outside, & watched more of the General’s Daughter while on treadmill.
    March 30: Got a haircut last night. She cut it a bit shorter than usual. Oh well, it is warmer outside & my hair grows fast.
    March 31: On way back from #Chicago, stopped at @sbarro for mushroom spinach pizza and a milk