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Daley Wants to Put a Face on Homelessness



    Mayor Daley launches a program to register all of the City's homeless people. (Published Friday, Aug. 20, 2010)

    Next week more than 100 volunteers will hit city streets in an attempt to create a registry of all of the homeless people in Chicago, at the behest of Mayor Richard Daley.

    “What you’re trying to do is put a face on every homeless (person) here in the City of Chicago and work with them in order to rebuild their lives,” Mayor Daley said in a news conference Thursday.
    “I see a lot of them under viaducts. I call in, I’m always writing those notes down and saying I think that person needs help,” Daley said after announcing that the city would join the 100,000 Homes Campaign.  
    The nationwide campaign aims to get 100,000 homeless individuals into stable housing by the year 2013.
    Mayor Daley says everyone deserves a better way of life. “I want someone to help them. I don’t want someone just to lay there in a car under a bridge, or laying underneath a viaduct or just laying in the park and no one knows that person is somebody.”
    The city pledged to bring 125 of the most vulnerable individuals and families into permanent housing by the end of the year.