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Daley Leaves City Hall, One Last Time



    Mayor Richard M. Daley's last day in office marks the end of 22 years and, as it's been said so many times recently, the end of an era for Chicago. (Published Friday, May 13, 2011)

    Crowds cheered the end of an era in Chicago, Friday evening as 22-year mayor Richard M. Daley walked out of City Hall one last time.

    The mayor had tears in his eyes has he emerged onto LaSalle Street with his wife, Maggie, by his side, son Patrick, and daughters Nora and Lally behind him.

    Richard M. was taken aback by the outpouring of good wishes. He whispered "thank you" to the crowd before getting into a waiting car.

    A few close aides wiped away tears as Daley rode off into the sunset.

    Jackie Heard, his longtime press secretary said she's learned so many lessons.

    "He was a tough boss but it was fantastic."

    "Now it's time for a vacation with my wife,"said Chief of Staff Ray Orozco.

    Earlier in the day, Daley completed his neighborhood appreciation tour at Ogden Park, where he kicked off a youth football camp. While there, he praised his wife's commitment to the city, and its afterschool programs.

    "I'm very deeply touched by words said today," said Maggie as she and mayor stand at the podium together.   "God bless you and thank you."  


    Mayor Richard Daley sent this tweet at about 7:30 p.m. Friday.