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Chicago City Council: Ricardo Munoz

22nd Ward Alderman



    Chicago City Council: Ricardo Munoz
    Ald. Ricardo Muñoz (22nd)

    Ricardo Munoz is often labeled as the only independent on the Chicago City Council and is known for his vocal opposition to former Mayor Richard M. Daley. Munoz says his focus is on education, not just for the 22nd Ward, but for all of Chicago.

    Background: Munoz was born in Monterrey, Mexico. After moving to the United States, he found his passion in public service. Munoz admitted he struggled with bouts of alcoholism, and he overcame them in his pursuit to become an alderman.

    The Ward: Little Village makes up most of the community of the 22nd Ward. It is a hub of Mexican American culture in Chicago and feature festivals such as the Mexican Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo.

    The Office: Munoz was appointed by former Mayor Richard M. Daley and accepted the position of 22nd ward Alderman in 1993. Once in office, he established himself as a strict independent, often voting against Mayor Daley and the majority. He secured a new high school for Little Village that requires students to learn two languages during their course of study. He also called for an increase in funding for the CTA and better response times from 911 and police officials.

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