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Chicago City Council: Toni Foulkes

15th Ward Alderman Toni Foulkes



    Chicago City Council: Toni Foulkes

    Toni Foulkes grew up in the 15th ward and says she has "watched things change" in the area. Now alderman, she seeks to maintain the same neighborhood she remembers as a child.

    Background: Ald. Foulkes has been a resident of the 15th ward for more than 39 years. She attended the International University, earning a B.A. in merchandising. Foulkes worked as a Jewel bakery union worker until deciding to run for Alderman in 2007. She serves as a board member of Hospice at Holy Cross Hospital and a member of Action Now. She currently serves as 15th Ward committeewoman.

    The Ward: The 15th ward is located on the Southwest Side. The ward incorporates parts of West Englewood and Chicago Lawn. The ward has suffered issues dealing with infrastructure and crime. It also has been cited as a possible food desert.

    The Office: Ald. Foulkes describes herself as a full-time alderman. She currently has no other outside work other than city council. She campaigns on improving infrastructure, reducing crime, creating jobs, reducing foreclosures and stimulating economic development. Since in office, she has obtained funding for sidewalks, new lighting and sewer construction. She is a big advocate of universal health care and has promised to fight for state and national plans supporting it. She is a supporter of curfew changes for minors and has urged TIF changes by creating the Responsible Budget Ordinance.

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