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Chicago City Council: Marty Quinn

13th Ward alderman is among the new class of Chicago aldermen



    Chicago City Council: Marty Quinn

    Marty Quinn is among the new class of Chicago aldermen, but he isn't new to Chicago area government.

    Background: Marty Quinn, 37, was the top aide to State House Speaker Michael Madigan. He ran for 13th Ward alderman in 2011 opposing former Ald. Frank J. Olivo. Olivo, also a top aide for Madigan, dropped out of the race due to health reasons after serving since the mid-90s. Quinn ran unopposed, winning the seat in the Feb. 22, 2011, election.

    The Ward: The 13th Ward is home to the West Lawn Community and Midway Airport. Located on the Southwest side, the area is primarily residential. Like most of its southwest counterparts, the area was once home to a large Lithuanian culture. Now West Lawn is more diverse. Retail development was prominent in the '50s, and one of the most well-known developments is Ford City Mall. 

    The Office: Ald. Marty Quinn is a freshman to the Chicago City Council and has sponsored nearly 146 pieces of legislation in his first year. Quinn supported an ordinance to give a more defined curfew hour for minors and a resolution to urge the Illinois Congress to oppose federal funding cuts to housing and development programs.

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