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Moseley Braun Announces Petition Drive



    The woman who made history as the first African-American woman in the Senate announces her bid. (Published Monday, Sept. 20, 2010)

    Former Senator Carol Moseley Braun formally announced she was exploring a run for mayor Monday, saying she will begin with a petition drive.

    Speaking at the downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel with the citizens group Carol for Chicago, Moseley Braun said that she will begin a conversation with the citizens of Chicago.

    "The process of a mayoral election starts with petitions," Braun said. "And while it is not yet time to declare my candidacy for my mayor, there is a lot to do with a petition effort."

    She added: "I've got the credentials to do this."

    Moseley Braun said the petition drive would give her campaign time to what Harold Washington did, i.e., challenge the voters to go out and register.

    Braun shied away from a formal declaration, but all signs point to her officially running. She said she will not participate in a divisive campaign.

    "We are committed to be nice," said a representative from Carol for Chicago.

    "She won't have to spend any money on name recognition," said Billie Paige, chairwoman of the group.

    A previous version of this article stated that Braun had announced her mayoral run. In fact, she announced she will participate in a petition drive to gain enough signatures to secure her nomination. NBC regrets the error.