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Bring on the Mudslinging



    Bring on the Mudslinging

    Tonight brings a mano a mano a mano a mano a mano a mano battle as the six mayoral candidates attempt to rip each other's throats out at Kennedy-King College.

    Rahm Emanuel remains firmly in the lead, according to a recent poll.  With a 20 percent jump on his nearest competitor, expect Emanuel to play defense.  He'll nod his head and say words like "schools" and "communities" and "working people."

    For the other five candidates, expect more venom than a burlap sack filled with pit vipers.

    Last night, Dock Walls suggested Emanuel did nothing while children died in the streets. Carol Moseley Braun blamed Emanuel for President Obama's sinking poll numbers. Tonight, expect more of the same, with even wilder swings.

    It's time to go after the front-runner, and the five non-Emanuel candidates know that.

    When talking to a largely African-American crowd, as they did last night, why not support reparations for descendants of slaves?  It was the hot topic du jour.  This is a city in dire financial straits.  Our reparations fund is a little tapped out right now.

    Tonight's debate is unlikely to bring any startling revelations, but there's always the possibility Moseley Braun will accuse Emanuel of smoking crack.  Swing for the fences, candidates.  Time is running short.