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    Attorneys are expected to make opening statements Tuesday in the corruption trial of former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    Experts are preparing for a spectacular show when the blustery Sam Adam Jr. harangues the jury, and when Assistant U.S. Attorney Carrie Hamilton parses the 24 counts of corruption facing Rod.

    First they’ve got to get the jury settled, however. Attorneys on both sides will have to whittle the list of nearly 50 jurors down to 14 (12 with two alternates) acceptable participants.

    What happened yesterday: 

    Blagojevich says the prosecutions’ will give clues to his innocence  ...

    “I think you should listen carefully to what they have to say,” Blagojevich said of the prosecution Monday morning. “Opening statements, it is good, because again, it’s the beginning of a process that will unlock the truth by the prosecutors,” Blagojevich said on the Don Wade and Roma show on WLS AM Monday morning. “All I can say is: stay tuned.”

    Patti Blagojevich might not be there to hear them ...

    "# Wondering if I have time to get to macy's to get the lip gloss Amy wants for her graduation night", the governor's wife wrote on her twitter account Monday. Both Patti and Rod are using social media to give an insider perspective on the trial

    Some jurors haven't even heard of Blagojevich ...

    “In what could be a boon for the Blagojevich defense, a surprising number of jury candidates interviewed at the Dirksen Federal Building today said they know almost nothing about the well-publicized tribulations of Illinois' former governor.”

    One juror was rejected due to his job in the media ...

    A TV show host and former host of a radio show on Q101 has been removed from the jury pool.The decision was unanimous among attorneys from both sides.

    "What a surprise," said Judge James Zagel.

    The potential juror said he was an avid news consumer and had discussed the Blago trial on his radio show. He also said if he were chosen for the jury, he would likely lose his job.

    And a 20-something grad student known as No. 164 proved she’s busy, and not exactly what the defense has in mind

    No. 164 appears to have a number of strikes against her.

    The 20-something graduate student worked for 3 1/2 years as a policy analyst in the Illinois Officer of the Comptroller. Blagojevich and Comptroller Dan Hynes have long had a tumultuous relationship.

    Previously, No. 164 volunteered on political campaigns and worked as a substitute teacher -- which could be another strike, given accusations that Blago used the teacher's pension fund for his own gains.

    In case anyone needs a laugh, Judge Zagel will deliver the punch lines …

    One other woman was almost apologetic.  "I really don't really listen to news," she said. 
    "It's not a legal requirement," Judge James Zagel assured her. 

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