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Blagojevich, Wis. Dems Get 'Daily Show' Cameos



    Blagojevich, Wis. Dems Get 'Daily Show' Cameos

    Illinois is still "[bleeping] golden" to "The Daily Show."

    The Land of Lincoln got a nod during the Comedy Central show Monday night as the keeper of 14 AWOL Wisconsin Democrats fighting a proposed budget repair bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for unions.

    Before "Daily Show" correspondent John Oliver found his way to Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach's clandestine hotel room, Oliver attempted to get info about the Dems from none other than former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

    "If you had that information would you sell it to me?" Oliver asked Blagojevich. "Because that information would be [bleeping] golden."

    Blago said he didn't know where they were but supported the Dems' position, saying, "These lawmakers standing up for working people and the fundamental rights of working people to bargain collectively with their employers, that would be [bleeping] golden."

    Sen. Erpenbach stood firm on his group's storyline despite Oliver's jabs. 

    "We are perfectly willing to sit down with the governor," Erpenbach said. "But he refuses to negotiate on this."