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Alexi Parodies Kirk's Facebook



    So this was going to be funny. Alexi Giannoulias' campaign "just did this mock Mark Kirk Facebook," according to their spokesperson's email. "A little tongue in cheek political humor for you on a Friday."

    And it's kinda humorous. The page pokes at Kirk for his apparently empty promise to "lead the fight" against the health care bill. Includes some testy back-and-forth with the conservative group Club for Growth, who aren't happy with his performance.

    Only problem is, the comic geniuses at Alexi for Illinois drew the thing backwards.

    Facebook walls, as any acne-prone tweety-fingered high schooler can tell you, are always in reverse chronological order. Alexi's camp drew their wall chronologically.

    Yeah yeah. Some of the funniest facebook parody walls are in chrono order, too. But still. You're doing it wrong.