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Aldermanic Runoff: 37th Ward



    Aldermanic Runoff: 37th Ward

    NBC Chicago and Ward Room bring you profiles on the 18 wards heading into a runoff election April 7. In this profile, learn all about the 37th Ward.  

    37th Ward – Emma Mitts (incumbent) vs. Tara Stamps 
    Issues at Stake in Runoff:
    Chet Jackson, executive director at the West Humboldt Park Development Council, says that crime and public safety, healthcare disparity, employment opportunities, public transportation and education (public and charter schools) are issues the community are most concerned with. Jackson does not think that voter turnout in the community will be higher in the runoff because of the “apathy around voting” surrounding the idea that “whatever happens won’t make a difference.” 
    Emma Mitts(campaign website)
    Education: University of Arkansas, Triton College
    Occupation: 37th Ward Alderman
    Endorsements: Planned Parenthood Illinois Action, Chicago Defender, Gun Violence Prevention PAC
    Key Issues: Education, attracting new employers, community services 
    Tara Stamps(campaign website)
    Education: Concordia University (M.A., curriculum and instruction), American College of Education (M.A., educational leadership), Central State University (B.A., communications)
    Occupation: Chicago Public School teacher
    Endorsements: Chicago Tribune, Illinois Herald, AFSCME Council 31, Chicago Federation of Labor, Chicago Teachers Union Local 1, CCCTU Local 1600, Citizen Action Illinois, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, State Senator William Delgado, Grassroots Illinois Action, Northside Democracy for America, Progressive Action Project, Reclaim Chicago, SEIU HCII, Teamsters Joint Council 25, UFCW Local 881, United Working Families
    Key Issues: Jobs, public safety, living wages, small businesses, government accountability

    General information:
    Voter Turnout on Feb. 24: 26 percent
    How did they vote in the mayor’s race?
    • Rahm Emanuel: 41 percent
    • Willie Wilson: 28 percent
    • Jesus “Chuy” Garcia: 20 percent
    • Total population: 51,538
    • White: 1.46 percent
    • Black: 79.38 percent
    • Hispanic: 18.15 percent
    • Asian: 0.38 percent (Source: WBEZ)
    Neighborhoods: Austin and Humboldt Park
    Adjectives that Describe the Ward: Struggling, working class and community-oriented
    How Ward Typically Votes: Emma Mitts was first elected as alderman of the 37th Ward in 2000 when she was appointed to replace Percy Giles, who was convicted of accepting $10,000 in bribes in the Operation Silver Shovel sting. In 2007, Mitts won 59 percent of the vote, defeating Eric McKennie (16 percent) and four other challengers. In 2011, Mitts won 58 percent of the vote, defeating Maretta Brown-Miller (24 percent) and four other challengers.