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“24” On The Verge Of Cancellation: Report



    Recently, we posted an item about the development of a “24” feature film to be written by Billy Ray. The timing of that project was dependent upon whether or not Fox would pick up Jack Bauer and the gang for a ninth season. Well, we may have our answer. The folks at Variety say Fox is on verge of making this season of the show its last.

    Studio and network execs declined comment -- but it's believed that the final decision will be made in the next day or two.

    Ratings for “24” in its eighth season have been modest, but it’s quite the lavish production, what with all the explosions and nuclear wipeouts, not to mention Kiefer Sutherland’s considerable salary. I’m sure that factored into the decision.

    So the good news for “24” fans is that this likely clears the way for a “24” feature film. The bad news? GAHHHHHHHHH NO MORE 24 ON TV! NO! Where else am I going to go for my weekly dose of gun barrels pressed firmly into foreheads, quintuple crosses, daughter-eating cougars, ominous ticking clocks, and people using cell phones?

    Variety DID leave a window open that the show may be spared. Notice how they said the final decision will be made in the “next day or two.” That means you have, dare I say, 24 hours to save it? THE CLOCK STARTS NOW! MOVE! THERE ISN’T TIME! WE HAVE TO BREAK INTO FOX HEADQUARTERS AND STEAL THE MICROFICHE! TORTURE THEM IF YOU MUST! SHOOT TO KILL! SHOOT TO KILL!