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Nicholas Hoult Joins the Madness in "Fury Road"



    Mel Gibson's out, but the gang for the new "Mad Max" movie continues to grow.

    Nicholas Hoult is the latest actor to head to Australia to join "Fury Road," the latest installment to the George Miller's iconic series, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Hoult made his mark on the film world as the boy in "About a Boy" with Hugh Grant, but he's all grown up now, with leading man looks and an exploding resume. He'll star in the upcoming "Clash of the Titans" and has a memorable turn as the student rocking Colin Firth's world in "A Single Man." He held his own with Firth and his sharp cheekbones alone will make for great "Max" appeal.

    Little is know about Hoult's character except that his name is appropriately post-apocalyptic "Nux."

    Gibson said in a press conference earlier this month that he had been in touch with Miller many times about the next "Max" movie, but that he wasn't going to be a part of it.  Gibson echoed the sentiment of many when he added: "I cannot wait to see it. Everything George does is magic and has a touch of genius."

    Charlize Theron, who seems born to play in these movies, and Tom Hardy will star in the picture which is set a while after 1985's "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome." This would keep the Gibson character at a young age.

    Zoe Kravitz, Teresa Palmer and Adelaide Clemens will play a convoy being chased by baddies.