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Bear Grylls To Take on Life's Worst Case Scenarios



    Bear Grylls encounters the elements in "Man vs. Wild," but a new Discovery show will have the Brit facing terrible things that could actually happen to you.

    The new Discovery show will be called "Worst Case Scenario" based on the best-selling book series by the same name, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Grills will show viewers how to escape the terrible possibilities of regular life -- like when the elevator cable breaks at work and the car goes into free-fall.

    Ironically, Grylls says on his blog that he shot a series of earthquake survival scenes a day before the devastating earthquake in Chile -- surviving everything from blackouts to being buried alive. Other modern pleasantries include "wild dog attacks, road rage, skidding off a bridge into the sea and surviving a chemical spill." Oh, and muggers.

    This is one series that has all the earmarks of the addictive quality which make the books such a success. While six episodes have been ordered, it also offers unlimited and forever growing possibilities in the new environment. Grylls could take on such perils as driving a Toyota or surviving St. Patrick's Day in a New York tavern.