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On Last Weekend's Open House



    On this episode, learn how to stage your home like the pros, mix and match textures, tour a sprawling sky-high apartment, and more. Tune in!       

    Tips of the Trade: Stage Your Home Like the Pros Cathy Hobbs shows us the secret to staging like the pros. Watch the video here.                                                                                                                         
    Square Feet: A City Apartment in the Sky
    This sky high Chicago apartment has so much to offer. Take a look. Watch the video here.           
    Designer Living: Comfy and Casual Design
    Carla shows us how she mixed and matched textures to make her client's Santa Barbara home comfy and casual. Watch the video here.   
    Square Feet: Sprawling Bryn Mawr Home
    Come inside this sprawling Bryn Mawr home with builder Michael Haines. Watch the video above.

    Daykeover: One-Day Foyer Fixer-Upper
    Libby Langdon shows us some quick and easy fixes to spice up your entry way, all in just one day. Watch the video here.