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Pizza Delivery Man Beaten, Truck Stolen



    A pizza delivery truck driver was beaten by a mob in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood as a 14-year-old hopped into his truck and drove away.

    The delivery man told police he was driving east on 79th Street when a boy shouted to him, "Hey, you got any more pizzas left?’’

    The driver slowed his truck and told the boy he had only sodas left, The Southtown reported Tuesday. He began to pull over to assist the boy when he realized a mob of people with the attacker had begun to cross the street, approaching him.  He tried to drive off, but the 14-year-old grabbed the wheel of the vehicle and began punching the driver.

    The delivery man was pulled from the truck and beaten further by the mob, as the kid jumped in behind the wheel and took off. 

    The driver was able to help police track the teen down. The truck was found not far from where the boy was located on South Laflin Street.