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Should You Quit Your Job and Become an Entrepreneur?



    You can't be an entrepreneur without taking that big final leap into the unknown: Telling your boss its nothing personal, but, hey, you've got some other opportunities you'd like to explore. Regardless of what happens because of the election on Tuesday, though, the economy will stay how she's been lately for a while longer. Whether "a while" is a few years or a few decades, who knows, but the question remains: Is it wise to quit your job in this economy, regardless of what you've lined up?

    Lifehacker has a very thorough checklist/meditation on this very topic, but let's filter this through the prism that you are quitting your job with a purpose in mind. That purpose, natch, is to start your own business. You have something in mind and you are already envisioning that other life -- and better yet you've started pushing that boulder up a hill on the side already, too.

    Things that are particularly relevant is to have a backup plan: "Know what you're going to do if you quit and what you need to do to prepare for that." That's how Lifehacker describes it, but I would also suggest coming up with a backup plan in case your backup plan backfires. Nothing is a sure thing, never has been and never will be.

    But it's also worth pointing out that jobs are incredibly tough to come by nowadays. If you're going to quit, bear in mind your position may be eliminated by the time you hit the door.

    Still, you can't let that scare you.

    I've known people who have worked for Pixar, The Onion, Adult Swim, Comedy Central and more who have walked away to start something new. I'm among those folks. And there's nothing worse than sticking around in a job you hate or can't stand when it'll obviously poison the waters and be evident in the work you do. Sure, you should give stuff a chance, but that also holds doubly true once you've made the move and things are getting tough. There's no going back, and you really wouldn't want to anyway.

    In any case, here is Lifehacker's "quitting your dayjob checklist," and Lifehacker also has a pretty snazzy quiz to take on whether to accept a job offer or to walk away.

    And that'll do it for all the Lifehacker stuff for now. You'll have to hack your own life now. 

    David Wolinsky is a freelance writer and a lifelong Chicagoan. In addition to currently serving as an interviewer-writer for Adult Swim, he's also a comedy-writing instructor for Second City. He was the Chicago city editor for The Onion A.V. Club where he provided in-depth daily coverage of this city's bustling arts/entertainment scene for half a decade. When not playing video games for work he's thinking of dashing out to Chicago Diner, Pizano's, or Yummy Yummy. His first career aspirations were to be a game-show host.