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Forte Considering Holdout: Report



    Matt Forte on Wednesday night re-tweeted a mesage on Twitter that said, "and it bad when they pay Chester more then you that's just disrespectful."

    If you're unfamiliar with Twitter, a re-tweet is similar to forwarding an email, or re-posting a link or picture on Facebook. Forte didn't type the words himself, but they are showing up in his timeline.

    It turns out that this message may have been a sign of things to come, as the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Forte is considering holding out for a new contract the night before the Bears are set to report to Bourbonnais.

    That may seem like a selfish move, but put yourself in Forte's situation. Anyone being paid less than a co-worker who doesn't do as much work should be upset about that pay disparity.

    In Forte's case, he being paid millions less than Chester Taylor, who was barely a factor last season.

    Using last year's salary and regular-season rushing output, Forte made $514 per yard. Taylor pulled down $26,217.23 per yard.

    Who would be OK in that situation? Would you go forward in a dangerous job knowing that one injury could end it all? Forte is still under the same contract that he signed as a rookie, but after he showed his value to the team last season, he is in the right position to ask for more money.