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What Bears Do While Waiting



    Thursday is treacherous for football fans. We have to sit and wait while players and owners meet separately to vote (or in the players' case, decide to vote) to end the lockout.

    The fans have no say in this matter. No petition, no poll, no representative at the table will make any difference. It can make a football fan antsy to just sit around and wait for the lockout to end.

    It turns out that we're no different than the players in that regard. This is the time of year when they're normally packing up to head to Bourbonnais for weeks of tough training days, staying in spartan dorms, eating cafeteria food, and pranks galore.

    With the start of training camp up in the air, they are stuck in limbo, waiting to hear from player representative Robbie Gould about their future.

    So what are they up to?

    Hopefully, Jay Cutler is busy planning his wedding to Kristin Cavallari. These things don't plan themselves, Jay. The very least he could do is send thank you notes, but that's speculation. Due to the magic of Twitter and Facebook, we do know just how bored some of the players are.

    Offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb is making videos answering camp questions and posting them on Facebook. The third video focuses on the most important thing for most linemen: food. Webb assures us that the team is well-fed with plenty of carbs.

    Anthony Adams, the defensive lineman who Grizzly Detail hopes the Bears sign to a long-term deal for both his Twitter and football prowess, started a Twitter meme this morning. He wrote about what he has done in the name of football, ending each tweet with, "You have to be some type of crazy to play football." He tweeted, "I played 4 quarters of ball with turf toe ... I played 3 quarters of football with a torn tricep ... I worked out yesterday at high noon."

    Defensive back D.J. Moore shared a Chicago Tribune article about his slightly more active pastime. He has been hitting the basketball court, playing in a league in South Carolina twice a week. This week, he played at the Lifetime Fitness in Vernon Hills.

    See? The players are just as bored and in need of football as you are.