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The Big Number: 179



    The Big Number: 179
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    179 -- This Monday will mark the 179th meeting of the Bears and Packers, in a divisional rivalry that gives a 90-82-6 edge to the Bears.

    2 -- The number of games the Bears lost to the Packers last season. The second loss was particularly tough, as the Bears lost by less than a touchdown, Jay Cutler was sacked three times and Chicago was eliminated from the playoffs in that game.  

    1921 - The year of ther first meeting. It happened on a balmy November 27. At that time, liquor was banned in the United States, women were just given the right to vote and Warren G. Harding was the president. The Bears, then called the Staleys and led by player-coach George Halas, beat the Pack 20-0.  

    1 -- The number of times the Bears have  faced the Packers in post-season play. In 1941, the Bears beat the Packers 33-14 on the way to winning the NFL championship.  

    0 - The number of other team rivalries that approach the Bears vs. Packers series. The Bears have played the Packers more than any other team in the NFL. Maybe that's why we hate them so much ... or maybe it's just that they are the Packers.