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The Big Number: 126.4



    126.4 -- Jay Cutler's quarterback rating the last time he played the Seahawks. That was his his highest rating until this season's game against the Cowboys, where Cutler notched a rating of 136.7.

    In just his third game with the Bears, Cutler put together a late drive to help the Bears win. He completed 21 out of 27 passes for 247 yards and three touchdowns. Now, he will face the Seahawks in a very different situation. Instead of being the newcomer trying to make the Bears faithful believe in him, Cutler is an established veteran who is coming off the first missed game of his career.

    The good news is that the Seahawks are a great team to rebound against. The water birds rank in the bottom 10 of the league in passing defense. The bad news is that they've managed 11 sacks in four games. Cutler was sacked nine times in the concussion-causing game against the Giants.

    Still, this is a team Cutler is comfortable playing well against. Who could ask for more in a rebound game?