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Surveying the Bears' Weak Spots



    Surveying the Bears' Weak Spots
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    Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears is congratulated by quarterback Jay Cutler after scoring a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings Dec. 20 at TCF Bank Stadium.

    Most people think the Bears are going to win this playoff game in a walk. That's probably true. But there are certain scenarios that could endanger our certain victory. Mike Mulligan suggests the Bears can be beaten. Let's examine those potential freak occurrences.

    Clearly, Devin Hester is an amazing weapon. The Bears enjoyed the best average starting field position of any team in the league. If Seattle wants to win, they'll avoid kicking it to Hester entirely.  Really, any coach who allows a kick to fall to Hester should be fired immediately. Nullify Hester and you take away one of this team's greatest strengths.

    Defensively, the Bears are quite solid. You can't run on them. They're second-best in the league, allowing just 90 yards on the ground. The obvious weakness is in the secondary. The Bears rank 20th against the pass. Clearly, Seattle would do well to wing it. The weather could make passing difficult, though. Hasselbeck is a smart QB, even if his skills have diminished.

    Ultimately, the key to beating the Bears is getting up by a lot of points early. If the Seahawks can pass their way to a big lead, the Bears will fall out of the offensive rhythm that serves them so well. Mike Martz loves to throw like a fat kid loves cake. He'll take any excuse to dial up bombs. Falling behind by 10 or more is just the excuse he needs. Look at the last game of the year. When the game was tight, the Bears kept running. As soon as the Packers opened a decent lead, the Bears switched exclusively to the pass. The game ended in defeat.

    Let's be clear. The Bears will win this weekend. But a few freak bounces of the ball could open the door to another Seattle upset.