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Rashied Davis' Plan to Practice Could Work



    Rashied Davis has been with the Bears for six seasons, and he has long been the consummate team player. Whether he's asked to fill in for an injured receiver or lay some monster hits on special teams, Davis is up to do whatever to help his team win.

    This is why it's no surprise that Davis is the Bear who is trying to get his teammates together during the lockout. He has reached out to back-up QB Caleb Hanie and fellow receivers Johnny Knox and Devin Hester about the possibility of running routes. His biggest hurdle is finding a field big enough, but the Allstate Arena has already chimed in on their availability.

    This could be an amazing opportunity for the NFL Players' Association to build goodwill with fans. Say Davis and his cohorts come together once or twice a week at the Allstate to run routes. They could charge fans a $5 donation to Gridiron Greats, a foundation that helps with medical expenses for former players who are in dire need.

    Before you say, who would come watch players essentially just playing catch, remember the large numbers of fans who make the trip down I-57 every season for training camp.

    This would give the NFLPA a chance to shine a light on the sort of health problems that face former players and an opportunity to raise money. For the players, they would be able to practice the game they love so much. Win, win, win.