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NFL Owners, Players Extend Talks 24 Hours



    Thursday NFL owners and the NFL Players' Association agreed to extend thier labor discussions for another 24 hours. It's not a long-term solution, but it's better than a lockout.

    Their talks have been going on for months, and have become contentious at times. Federal negotiators became involved two weeks ago, and forced both sides to the table. President Obama was asked if he would step in, but said that he hopes the two sides should be able to come to an agreement without his help.

    What can be accomplished in 24 hours that wasn't in the past months? Probably nothing more than negotiating a longer extension.

    How does it affect the Bears? They've been shedding dead weight from their roster and reportedly have restructured the contract of one of their highest priced stars in anticipation of a new salary cap restriction.

    But there is hope that as the lockout and lawsuits and potential loss of fans and revenue inched closer, they also became more real for the owners and players.

    Knowing that your next paycheck won't come and your next profit and loss and statement will be covered in red ink can be frightening, and that fear might be the one thing that is needed to avoid a lockout in the first place.