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On The Bright Side: Bears in Pro Bowl on Sunday



    It's dreary times here in Chicago. It's January -- the time of year when snow loses its beauty and becomes a nuisance the color of tar. The Bears were our source of joy before getting flattened by the Packers on Sunday. Where should we look for a source of joy, a reminder of the joy that the Bears once brought?

    Look west, to Hawaii, where three Bears will represent Chicago in the Pro Bowl. It's true that the Pro Bowl doesn't really mean anything, and it's just an exhibition where the best Bears can have fun with their fellow NFLers, enjoy the beaches of Hawaii and go to parties. But it's also one last chance to enjoy Chicago's finest on the football field for this season.

    Though Brian Urlacher opted out of his spot the morning after the Bears lost, Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs and Devin Hester will be there. There, they can remind Bears fans of their greatness. Briggs, make a game-saving tackle for the NFC, or intercept one of Tom Brady's passes. Pep, feel free to sack Brady. It will soothe Chicago's soul. Devin, you know what we want you to do. Grab that kickoff return and run like the devil.

    On behalf of all Bears fans, I ask one favor of Peppers, Hester and Briggs. Can we come with?