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Martz Needs Just 24 Hours to Prep for Pre-Season



    The NFL may have a labor deal in place in time to give the Bears a full training camp before the Hall-of-Fame game.

    That's what players like Chris Harris are hoping for, as they want to be fully prepared before they take the field for the first game of the pre-season.

    But not everyone agrees with Harris. Offensive coordinator Mike Martz says that his men only need a day of preparation to be ready.

    "If we report to camp and they say, 'Tomorrow, you're playing the game,' that'll be plenty," said Martz.

    He went on to point out that preparation for pre-season games isn't nearly as involved as that of regular season games. They just go out there and play. Yes, the man who dreams up notoriously complicated and difficult offenses imagines that his team will employ the run-to-the-end-of-the-block, turn and catch the ball scheme. Right.

    But even with the super-easy offense that Martz is up at night dreaming up, the team needs a few weeks of football training to get ready for the game. It's not a flag football game, and no matter how little the stars play, these are still professional athletes playing a grown man's game. They need to be properly prepared before they step foot on the field, or Martz will face injury problems down the road.