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Martz Has His Team in Place



    Last year, the Bears ran Mike Martz's offense, but they didn't quite have the personnel to make it reach its potential.

    The offensive line resembled Swiss cheese -- and not even the yummy Lorraine kind -- and the tight ends were more adept at catching than blocking.

    Now, with the trade of Greg Olsen, the waiver of Brandon Manumaleuna, the addition of receiver Roy Williams, tight end Matt Spaeth, running back Marion Barber, this is the offense that Martz should want. We've questioned Jerry Angelo's reasoning, and we still don't get it, unless the idea was to give Martz what he wanted.

    Well, Mike, you're there. You've got tight ends who will block, a young, eager line, and more running back options than Lake Shore Drive has potholes. You've got a quarterback who has worked all summer to arrive at camp in great shape. You've got what you want, now it's time to give Bears fans what they want, which is winning.

    Yes, last year was a good start. NFC North championship, 11-5, NFC Championship game. Those are all good things to build on, but it's not enough. It's been more than 25 years since the Lombardi Trophy has been in Chicago, and it needs to be back. The Bears need to beat the Packers, get to the Super Bowl and then win it.

    You have your groceries, Mike. Time to make a gourmet dinner.