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Lovie's Mad Libs: How to Cut a Player



    The Chester Taylor cut-not-cut-wait-is-he-oh-wait-he-is gaffe has been blamed on miscommunication. Taylor said that he took what head coach Lovie Smith said during a meeting the wrong way.

    To help prevent this kind of problem from happening again, Grizzly Detail has put together a handy-dandy script for Lovie Smith to use when cutting players. That way, there can be no doubt when it's time for a Bear to clean out his locker:

    Hello, (insert player's name here.) First, I'd like to thank you for your (length of time whether it's two weeks to 10 years) with the Chicago Bears. You know that I really appreciated your (hard work/hustle/athleticism/jokes) around Halas Hall. You have Chicago Bear in your heart.

    Unfortunately, we're not going to have room for you on the team this year. Blame (salary cap/roster limitations/the fact that there are people who are better at their job than you.) It's a tough league, man. If any other teams call us on you, we'll be sure to tell them that you (work hard/have a good future/keep us rolling in the aisles during film study/kinda suck.)

    It's been a pleasure working with you. We're going to need your playbook.