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Let the Cutler Circus Die, Please



    Can we send home the clowns yet? A circus has surrounded Jay Cutler and the Bears since Lovie Smith pulled the injured quarterback from Sunday's NFC Championship game, and it's getting old.

    The latest? Cutler had the gall to go shopping with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari in Los Angeles. TMZ pounced on this, breathlessly reporting the news that Cutler walked around the Grove, a popular shopping center. Yep, that was the entire report. Cutler walked. There were also reports that Cutler went to dinner with Cavallari on Sunday, and took the stairs to Mastro's, a River North steakhouse.

    Cutler walked and ate. Next report: Cutler watched Sportscenter, then zoned out on the couch.

    The criticism has grown to a point that even a Packer felt the need to stand up for Cutler. Aaron Rodgerscalled the groundswell of criticism aimed at Cutler "disrespectful," and said he was "disappointed."

    Let's move on from Cutler's perceived toughness, Bear fans. Since we are worriers, let's worry about the fact that there is a good chance that the Bears won't play next season without a collective bargaining agreement. Let's worry about our rapidly deteriorating offensive line or the inconsistent secondary. Let's worry about Johnny Knox's progression as a receiver. Let's worry about the fact that the Bears have not won a Super Bowl without having Honey Bears on the sideline, yet the Bears remain cheerleader-less.

    But Cutler's toughness? There's no point in arguing something that was proved every time the man got up from being sacked 57 times.