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Know Your Enemy: The Detroit Lions



    Knocks Me Off My Feet: Sure, Stevie was talking about the way love will knock you off your feet, but love won't be the motivator of Ndamukong Suh. The rookie from Nebraska has knocked plenty of quarterbacks off their feet -- eight sacks this season -- and he's coming for Jay Cutler. 

    Part-Time LoverDetroit's quarterback situation has been as bad as this song. They don't have a full-time QB. Because of injuries, Shaun HillMatthew Stafford and Drew Stanton have all taken snaps. Who is Drew Stanton? Exactly. Hill's finger is broken, and Stafford's shoulder is wrecked, so Stanton it is. 


    Fingertips: Poor Calvin Johnson. He's one of the NFL's top receivers, has 59 catches for 806 yards despite a terrible quarterbacking situation, and is a definite threat to the Bears not-so-hot secondary. What he will be remembered for this season: letting a season-opening win over the Bears slip through his fingertips because of a rule that no one knew about. 


    Superstition: It's so easy to pile on the Detroit Lions. They are still digging out of the hole that Matt Millen dug for them during his tenure as president of the team, but they are not as bad as their record suggests. Perhaps head coach Jim Schwartz knows a thirteen-month-old baby who broke the looking glass, because they've had several close losses and bad breaks.