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Know Your Enemy: The Buffalo Bills



    Know Your Enemy: The Buffalo Bills
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    The Bears head to Toronto to take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

    To learn a little more about the 0-7 Bills, we turn to reknown Candian Celine Dion to help guide us through the themes of this soft rock team from Buffalo.

    "I Surrender" -- The Bills defense is the worst in the league They give up 30 points a game. Their rushing defense is particularly bad, as opponents average 188 yards on the ground. It could be a good day for Jay Cutler, since the Bills have dealt only 12 sacks this season. However, in their last two games, the Chiefs and Ravens needed late field goals to beat the Bills, so the tide may be turning for Buffalo.


    "If You Asked Me To" -- After the Bills cut struggling QB Trent Edwards, Harvard-educated Ryan Fitzpatrick stepped into the position. In five games, he's thrown for 1200 yards and earned a quarterback rating of 91.1. That puts him in the top 10 of NFL QBs.


    "My Heart Will Go On" -- A winless season is mentally tough for any team to go through. It's not quite as difficult as surviving the Titanic disaster, but still, Bills coach Chan Gailey has the hard job of convincing his team to continue on even though the team has already been eliminated from the playoffs.

    "Beauty and the Beast (Mode)" -- Marshawn Lynch, the running back who introduced the term Beast Mode, was shipped to Seattle in October (just in time for him to run all over the Bears.) Since then, the running duties have fallen to Fred Jackson, who had a 1,062-yard season in 2009.  

    "This Time" -- The Bills are winless, but their last two losses have come in overtime against teams who lead their divisions and are shoo-ins for the playoffs. They are hungry for a win, and the floundering Bears might be just what they need.