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Know Your Enemy: Seahawks' Offense



    During Sunday's divisional playoff game with the Seahawks, the Bears will have to deal with a Seattle offense that is inconsistent, and capable of both huge games and colossal failures. Looking at how all over the place their biggest stars are, this is not a surprise.

    Matt Hasselbeck -- The quarterback may be one of the most experienced signal callers still alive in the playoffs, but he is also erratic. Against the Saints last weekend, his quarterback rating was 113.0, but he's capable of putting together a rating as low as 28.9, as he did against the Falcons on Dec. 19. There isn't even a pattern to the amount of passing attempts he's taken. In games where he hasn't split time with backup QB Charlie Whitehurst, Hasselbeck has thrown 13 to 33 passes. One area of consistency for Hasselbeck is that he doesn't run. He had -1 yard against the Saints last weekend, and just 60 yards on the season.

    Marshawn Lynch
    -- "Beast Mode" can be great, as he topped 1,000 yards in his first two seasons in the NFL, and his 67-yard touchdown against the Saints will become a part of every playoff highlight reel ever, for all time. But he can also have terrible games, running for just seven yards and fumbling the ball twice against Oakland. He's explosive and can have big runs, but his mistakes are costly. Of the four fumbles Lynch has had this season, all four were lost to the other team.

    Mike Williams -- The receiver just had the best season of his career, picking up 751 yards in the regular season. 123 of those came in the game against the Bears. Two other games -- 145 against the Cardinals and 109 against the Saints in the regular season -- account for the bulk of those yards. He's been plagued by a foot injury, missing three games in the middle of the season, but still made five catches for 68 yards against the Saints last week.